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Contract flow

We will introduce the flow to contract until Estate Karuizawa.
Please use according to the flow below.


Please contact us first

Please feel free to contact us by phone (TEL: 0267-41-0773) or inquiry form.


Meeting at the office

We introduce numerous properties to our customers using our monitoring system at our office!
We will narrow down some properties that match your needs.


We will guide you locally.

We will provide local guidance for properties that were narrowed down.


Purchase application

If you like the property you will get an application for property purchase. Please let me decide the contract contents of the next time, we will deposit your application (50,000 yen ~ 100,000 yen).



Conclude real estate sales contract, deposit deposit, we will arrange the next settlement date (the day we will pay the balance).



We will arrange a judicial scrivener, liquidate the remaining funds, etc and process the transfer of ownership of real estate.


I could not find the property I wanted

For customers who were unable to find the property you requested, we will prepare the requested property by the time we will be coming next time. Also, we will contact you as soon as we find a property that will meet your request.

If you are looking for a villa in Karuizawa (building), selling area (land) please leave it to Estate Karuizawa full of real estate information


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