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There is still a little luxurious time to spend with the green of the trees my fellows loved,
still slowly. And now, there are people who love nature and culture · · ·

-Karuizawa in summer, Hawaii in winter-
I will not make such a dream come true

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  • Vacant House
Property No:H-0373
Type: area:
Property Name:プリンスゴルフコース近隣高級別荘

Land area:

Building area:

price: 11000yen
Current situation:
  • Vacant Lot
  • Popular
Property No:L-0740
Type: 旧軽井沢 area: 旧軽井沢
Property Name:旧軽銀座まで徒歩圏の別荘用地

Land area:931.69㎡(281.83坪)

Building area:

price: 1480yen

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