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Q . Are there any caveats for finding properties in Karuizawa?

A.Yes. As Karuizawa has a unique climate, caution is required for the location environment and buildings.
Specifically, there are snow, cold, humidity, wild animals and so on.


It is located in a mountainous area of altitude of 900 m level, so it snow almost every year.
Snow cover is not as much as 30 cm or less, but there are also freezing damage, so be careful.


For main roads such as National Highway No. 18, snow removal vehicles will snow on the road, but snow may still be piled up on the side street. Since there is a danger that the car slips especially if the road with inclination gets frozen, we recommend that you choose a place where the way to the main road with snow removal is not dangerous.


As a digression, snow removal agent is sometimes sprinkled on the road to melt the snow, so salt contained in it may hurt the car so please be careful of rust etc.


Although it is next cold, Karuizawa is cooler for summer, cold is longer compared to flatland etc. If you buy or build a building you are advised to look for cold-resistant properties. Also, if you plan to vacate a house for a long time at a villa or elsewhere, draining is necessary so that the water remaining in the water pipe will not freeze in the winter.


In Karuizawa you can see fog well. Although there is not much problem in the open urban area, in the mountain area it is good to find a place where you can see as much as possible when you are looking for the property surrounded by trees because thick fog occurs.


If you come to check with your own eyes on a bad day such as rainy weather conditions, I think we can find a better property.


Because Karuizawa is located in the mountainous region rich in nature, wild animals coexist with humans.
Since a group of monkeys may come down to the village, check the radio ‘s monkey report. Also, when entering the mountain, try not to encounter dangerous wild animals as much as possible, such as attaching a bear bell.

Q . Are there any caveats for finding properties in Karuizawa?

During the Golden Week and the Bon Festival, Route No. 18 and Karuizawa Station are crowded. There is a large parking lot behind the office so please use it freely.

how to access

Shinkansen: JR Nagano Shinkansen · Nagano Shinkansen “Asama” Use

     → From Tokyo station to Karuizawa station 62 minutes, from the station 5 minutes by car to the office      

     → From Tokyo (Nerima) to the Fujioka JCT in about 50 minutes on the Kanetsu Expressway (about 78.6 km)

     → Joshinetsu Expressway (about 52.5 km) to about 35 minutes to Usui Karuizawa I.C     

     → From I.C to the office in about 15 minutes

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